Appendix 9: List of Agency NEPA Regulations and Procedures

AuthorNicholas C. Yost
List of Agency NEPA Regulations and Procedures Page 145
Agency NEPA Procedures
Each agency of the Federa l government is required to comply with the CEQ Regulations for i mplementing the
procedural provisions of the Ac t, and, in consultation with CEQ, to develop their agency speci c procedures to
ensure that environmenta l information is available to the public and the agency de cision makers before decisions
are made and actions t aken.
is resource is a compendiu m of Federal ag ency NEPA procedures. e proc edures are listed alphabetical ly by the
responsible agency. Some agencies issue their proc edures as regulations, others issue them a s agency guidance docu-
ments. ose that are cod ied as regulations appear in the C ode of Federal Re gulations (CFR). Where appropriate,
the CFR and Federal Reg ister citations providing notice of the agencies NEPA procedures are provided.
Agriculture Research Service --- 7 CFR 520
Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service Environmental Services 7 CFR 372 /
60 FR 6000
National Institute of Food and Agriculture Natural Resources and
Environmental Unit
7 CFR 3407
Economic Research Service Resource Economic Division 7 CFR 1b
Farms Service Agency Conservation and Env. Programs
Division, Env. Activities Branch
7 CFR 799
Food Safety and Inspection Service Policy Evaluation and Planning 7 CFR 372
Forest Service Ecosystem Management
36 CFR 220 /
73 FR 43084
Natural Resources Conservation Service --- 7 CFR 650
Rural Business-Cooperative Service Rural Housing Staff, Program
Support Staff/Technical Support
7 CFR 1940.301-.336
Subpart G /
65 FR 55784
Rural Housing Service Program Support Staff/Technical
Support Branch
7 CFR 1940 Subpart
Rural Utilities Service Engineering and Environmental
7 CFR 1794 /
63 FR 68648
Economic Development Administration Compliance Review Division 48 FR 14734
National Oceanic and Atmospheric
Off‌ice of Policy and Strategic
48 FR 14734,
NAO 216-6
Defense Logistics Agency Environmental Safety Policy Off‌ice 76 FR 72391
Department of Air Force Environmental Planning, Education
and Training
32 CFR 989 /
64 FR 38127
Department of Army U.S. Army Corps of Engineers 33 CFR 230
Department of Army Deputy Assistant Secretary of the
Army for Environment, Safety and
Occupational Health
32 CFR 651 /
65 FR 54348
Department of Defense Environmental Security-EQ 32 CFR 188
Department of Navy U.S. Marine Corps
Department of Navy Off‌ice of the Chief of Naval
32 CFR 775 /
64 FR 37069

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