Appendix 36: NEPA Documents Available

AuthorNicholas C. Yost
NEPA Documents Available Page 601
NEPA Documents Available Through the ELR Document Service
e following document s are available from ELR—he Environmental Law Repor ter’s Guidance and Policy C ollection website at http::// Documents a re
arranged in reverse chr onological order.
Consideration of Cumulative Impacts in EPA Review of NEPA Documents (EPA 5/99) (20 pp.) ELR No. AD-4220
Proposed Changes to the Voluntary Environmental Impact Statement Policy, 62 Fed. Reg. 6334 (EPA 11/28/97) (4 pp.) ELR No. AD-3600
National Park Service’s Draft NEPA Guidelines (DOI 5/22/97) (132 pp.) ELR No. AD-3468
The National Environmental Policy Act: A Study of Its Effectiveness After Twenty-Five Years (CEQ 1/97) (50 pp.) ELR No. AD-3182
Environmental Impact Analysis Process Desk Reference (Air Force 5/95) (338 pp.) ELR No. AD-1219
National Environmental Policy Act Compliance Program (DOE 11/10/94) (17 pp.) ELR No. AD-642
Environmental Assessment Checklist (DOE 8/16/94) (24 pp.) ELR No. AD-644
Lessons Learned in the Preparation of NEPA Documents (DOE 8/12/94) (12 pp.) ELR No. AD-655
Directory of Potential Stakeholders for Department of Energy Actions Under the National Environmental Policy
(DOE 7/94) (84 pp.) ELR No. AD-654
Secretarial Policy on National Environmental Policy Act (DOE 6/94) (12 pp.) ELR No. AD-640
Questions and Answers on the Secretarial Policy Statement on the National Environmental Policy Act (DOE 6/94) (15 pp.) ELR No. AD-641
Report of the Environmental Assessment Process Improvement Team (Environmental Assessment Process
Improvement Team
1/19/94 (28 pp.) ELR No. AD-653
Environmental Report Checklist (Revision 9) and Staff’s Recommended Mitigation Procedures (FERC 7/22/93) (59 pp.) ELR No. AD-1215
National Environmental Policy Act Review Process (Nat’l Institutes of Health
6/4/93) (21 pp.)
ELR No. AD-1222
Guidance on Incorporating EPA’s Pollution Prevention Strategy Into the Environmental Review Process (EPA 2/24/93) (20 pp.) ELR No. AD-659
Pollution Prevention and the National Environmental Policy Act (CEQ 1/12/93) (18 pp.) ELR No. AD-638
Incorporating Biodiversity Con siderations Into Environmental Im pact Analysis Under the National Environ-
mental Policy Act
(CEQ 1/93) (54 pp.) ELR NO. AD-637
Habitat Evaluation: Guidance for the Review of Environmental Impact Assessment Documents (EPA 1/93) (74 pp.) ELR No. AD-660
Procedures for Compliance With Floodplain/Wetlands Environmental Review Requirements
(10 C.F.R. Part 1022)
(DOE 10/16/92, modif‌ied
9/94) (11 pp.)
ELR No. AD-652
Integrating Pollution Prevention With NEPA Planning Activities (DOE 10/15/92) (4 pp.) ELR No. AD-651
Appendix A Categorical Exclusions (DOE 8/7/92) (2 pp.) ELR No. AD-650

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