Position:LETTERS - Letter to the editor

I was appalled to open The Progressive and see a positive interview with James Clapper (August/September issue), the intelligence chief who lied under oath to a U. S. Senate committee on whether the NSA was spying on Americans. In confronting Trumps obvious lies, do we really want to embrace a more elegant liar?

--Bill R. Douglas

Des Moines, Iowa

I can't believe you ran an interview with Clapper and did not point out that he is a war criminal for his role in WMD falsehoods around Iraq, and his outright lies to Congress about surveillance of private citizens.

--Paul Buhle

Madison, Wisconsin

Bill Lueders's interview with James Clapper is proof of The Progressive's commitment to search for truth in an increasingly partisan country. Clapper's memories of the Watergate era make his warnings of authoritarianism very real, and I applaud Lueders for asking Clapper important questions about the innocent people lost to drone strikes during the Obama Administration.

--Lizzie Kunze

Madison, Wisconsin

The enemy of one's enemy is not necessarily a friend. There is, I think, a disturbing trend among progressives to embrace all criticism of Donald Trump, regardless of the source. Clapper perjured himself before Congress when he denied intelligence agencies collected data on U.S. citizens. Why...

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