Antiquitas Lost.

Author:Couture, Alan J.
Position:Young adult review - Book review

Robert Louis Smith (author), Geof Isherwood (illustrator); ANTIQUITAS LOST; Medlock Publishing (Fiction: Fantasy) $9.30 ISBN: 9780615460475

Byline: Alan J. Couture

With the loss of an extremely powerful weapon known as the Antiquitas Trident, a great tragedy has befallen the Shamalan Empire of Pangrelor, the one true world. The benevolent Shamalans have been betrayed and nearly wiped out, and Princess Sarintha has been captured by the brutal warlord of the ogreish Serpans. Only an ancient prophecy of the sudden appearance of a powerful warrior on the eve of their destruction gives hope to the remaining denizens of fabled Harwelden, the last Shamalan bastion not yet conquered by its evil enemies.

Teen-aged Elliott knows nothing of Pangrelor or the impending doom of its greatest city, but when he and his ailing mother move to New Orleans to live with his grandfather, the strange old man leads him to a mystic portal that only Elliott can cross. When he emerges on the other side and is immediately rescued from the jaws of a ravenous beast by two dwarfish men, Elliott begins an incredible adventure that will not end until he has to make a terrible decision that may have tragic consequences for both his home world and his mother's life.

This debut novel is a...

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