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The role of a salesman is determining the progress of automotive companies in Indonesia. The challenge faced by automotive salesmen is the number of competitors, both new competitors and old competitors with new types of cars. Conditions like this are one of the factors triggering the migration of a salesman to a competitor company or even to another company. This move is commonly known as turnover. Turnover is an important parameter in the planning and strategy of the workforce within a company. The impact of turnover has received great attention from executive management, human resources professionals, and industrial psychology. Employee turnover has proven to be one of the most-costly and difficult challenges to human resource management faced by several global companies. Companies invest heavily in their employees in terms of induction and training, developing, maintaining and retaining employees.

There is no exact figure for ideal turnover, but the higher the turnover rate, indicating a problem in the management of human resources in a company. Companies that have high turnover figures indicate that employees do not feel comfortable working in the company. Turnover can be minimized if the company knows the level of employee turnover intention. Companies can analyze the causes of turnover intention before employees decide to turnover. The increased turnover intention has now become a serious problem for many companies. Even some companies get frustrated when knowing the recruitment process that has captured qualified staff, turns out to be a waste in the end because the recruited staff has chosen a job at another company.

One of the factors that can determine the survival or not someone in a company is job satisfaction. Job satisfaction is a complex concept that is influenced by many factors. Employees tend to stay longer in a company if they have job satisfaction. There are many successful companies because of the high level of job satisfaction among their employees. Giving employee job satisfaction is not an easy job for the company. Companies through the management of human resources managers must certainly work extra hard to understand the wishes of employees. The thing that can be done is to see what factors that can satisfy the employee.

One of the factors that can give employee job satisfaction is compensation. Compensation is expense and expense for the company. The Company expects that the compensation paid will earn higher employee benefits. Thus, the value of employee performance must be greater than the compensation paid by the company, so that the company gets a profit and the continuity of the company is guaranteed. This shows the importance of compensation issues for employees and companies.

In addition to compensation, the work environment can affect employee job satisfaction, where employees will not be able to do the job as expected without a good work environment supported. Employee convenience in carrying out their daily work depends on the environment in which they work. If there are things that interfere with the environment where employees work, it will directly affect the concentration of work employees who ultimately affect the productivity of employees. To know and analyze the influence of compensation and work environment to the turnover intention with job satisfaction as mediating variable.


Influence of Compensation to Job Satisfaction

Compensation is the reward employees receive for services or contributions to their organizations. A literature shows that the compensation package has a relationship with employee job satisfaction. Sofyandi (2008) said that the purpose of providing compensation is to provide job satisfaction to employees. This means that if the company provides compensation in accordance with the expectations of employees it will create job satisfaction. Humaeroh et al. (2015) explains that financial compensation and non-financial compensation affect simultaneously and partially to job satisfaction and employee work motivation of PT. Krakatau Steel (Persero) Tbk. Another study, Salisu et al. (2015), indicating that the impact of positive compensation on job satisfaction of workers.

[H.sub.1]: Compensation affects job satisfaction.

Effect of Work Environment on Job Satisfaction

One of the many challenges to business is to satisfy employees in order to...

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