Answered Prayer Guaranteed! The Power of Praying with Faith.

Author:Johnson, Kevin Wayne
Position:Brief article - Book review

Answered Prayer Guaranteed! The Power of Praying With Faith By Dr. Frederick K.C. Price Charisma House October 2006, $19.99 ISBN 1-599-79012-2

Answered Prayer Guaranteed! begins with a profound question: How do you pray?

"Next to the salvation experience and receiving the Holy Spirit, there is no issue in all of a Christian's spiritual life that is as critical as getting prayer right," says author Frederick K.C. Price. This is the journey Price helps his readers to navigate from the outset.

Price founded Crenshaw Christian Center in Los Angeles, which is now the home of the FaithDome, with a church membership of more than 22,000. His writing skills and style are immediately apparent since Price has written 50 books on faith, healing, prosperity and the Holy Spirit. Their total sales since 1976 have eclipsed 2.1 million.

Answered Prayer Guaranteed! is a moving and thought-provoking book that is divided into seven chapters. These chapters intimately describe ground rules for prayer, what to pray for, how Jesus prayed, including a clear analysis of Jesus' longest recorded prayer in John 17, affirming...

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