Another Greenville company ramps up for vaccine transport support.

Lifoam Industries LLC, a subsidiary of Greer-based LifeMade Products LLC and Jadex Inc., is expanding its production capacity to meet a demand for ultra-cold packaging used in the transport of COVID-19 vaccines.

The company's minus 70-degree Celsius dry-ice-based shipping containers and minus 20-degree Celsius Phase Change Material-based containers support nationwide efforts to deliver COVID-19 vaccines to clinics, pharmacies, hospitals and other vaccination sites, according to a news release today.

"Pharmaceutical companies have worked tirelessly over the past 12 months to create life-saving vaccines, now it's the job of Lifoam and others to share in the responsibility of delivering them safely," Mark Gettig, president of LifeMade, said in the release. "Our COVID task force has been working diligently with vendors, partners and distributors to address the critical and complex packaging needs. We've increased our capacity to supply...

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