July 25-August 1, 1998

College Inn Conference Center

Boulder, Colorado

The Academy is a program designed by the International Association of Defense Counsel to enhance the trial advocacy skills of younger lawyers who have been in practice from two to six years and have had actual trial experience.

Instruction in the major segments of trial are featured, including a wide variety of evidentiary problems. A seven student to one faculty member ratio enables faculty to critique each student's work.

Faculty demonstrations by leading defense trial lawyers and extensive use of videotape expose participants to different approaches and ideas in solving common trial problems. A physician will familiarize the students with the medical issues, and a segment on the testimony of an economist will also be featured.

Emphasis is placed on the learning-by-doing method of instruction. Individual students will cross-examine physicians and economists acting as expert witnesses and will be videotaped while participating in all aspects of trial. Students are given videotapes containing their presentations at the conclusion of the Academy.

Only a limited number of applicants can be accepted because of the trial concepts utilized. To...

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