Published date01 March 2023
Date01 March 2023
Subject MatterInformation for Readers
Information for Readers
Political Research Quarterly
2023, Vol. 76(1) 460
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Western Political Science Association
Here is the News on the Annual Meeting in
San Francisco
The 2023 meeting of the Western Political Science As-
sociation will be held at the Hyatt Regency in San
Francisco, California, from Thursday, April 6, through
Saturday, April 8, 2023. The program is expected to have
strong turnout, with more than 250 panels currently
scheduled from Thursday morning to Saturday afternoon.
The theme for this years conference is Unity in the Midst
of Disunity: The Role of Political Science in Democracy.
Two special events will be taking place at the con-
ference of particular note. At the main WPSA reception on
Friday evening, the association will be honoring Elsa
Favila, who retired as associate director in October after
working for the association for thirty-eight years. During
the Thursday evening award reception, we will be hon-
oring the different teams of editors from Purdue Uni-
versity who help launch our second journal, Politics,
Groups, and Identities.
In addition to the regular panels, there are four con-
ferences taking place within our conference:
Asian Pacif‌ic American Politics
Autocratic Politics
Community Colleges
Feminists Re-Theorize the Political
As in previous years, there will be workshops on
Environmental Political Theory, Feminist Theory, Inter-
pretive Methods, and Latina/o Politics on the day before
the conference (Wednesday, April 5). There will also be a
workshop that day honoring Tracy Strong, the University
of California San Diego political theorist and long-time
participant at the WPSAs annual meeting. Tracy died
unexpectedly last May. The workshop is designed to
honor his legacy.
San Francisco State University is serving as the local
host institution. Marcela Garcia-Castanon, San Francisco
State University (SFSU), is chairing the Local
Arrangements Committee. Anthony Pahnke, SFSU, is
also serving on the committee.
Information about the conference, including its theme
and the list of section chairs, is available on the WPSA
Changes in the WPSA Executive Council
Pei-te Lien, Uni versity of Cal ifornia at Sant a Barbara, is
serving as WPSA President through the annual meeting
of the association in San Francisco in April 2023. At the
conclusion of the meeting, Jason Casellas, University
of Houston, will assume the presidency of the WPSA
and Lorrie Frasure, University of California at Los
Angeles, will become the new Program Chair. Ivy
Cargile, California State University Bakersf‌ield, was
recently appointed as Recording Secretary.
The following individuals will begin serving on the
council in March 2023: Ron Hayduk, San Francisco State
University; Anand Commissiong, California State Uni-
versity Long Beach; LaDella Levy, College of Southern
Nevada; and Yalidy Matos, Rutgers. The terms of the
following Executive Council members will conclude
immediately prior to the meeting: Melissa Michelson,
Menlo College; Ainsley LeSure, Occidental College;
Mark Ramirez, Arizona State University; and Laura
Evans, University of Washington. The association thanks
these outgoing members, and Janni Aragon, the past
Recording Secretary, for their valuable service.
WPSA Future Meeting Plans
The location of future WPSA conference has been
scheduled up through 2025. The association will be
meeting at the Vancouver Hyatt Regency in 2024 and the
Hyatt Regency Seattle in 2025. The association does not
usually hold two successive conferences in the same
region, but the Executive Council approved the meeting in
Seattle as part of the agreement canceling our 2021
conference at the Seattle Hyatt Regency during the heart
of the pandemic.

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