Published date01 June 2022
Date01 June 2022
Subject MatterInformation for Readers
Information for Readers
Political Research Quarterly
2022, Vol. 75(2) 527528
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Western Political Science
Association (WPSA)
2023 WPSA Meeting
The 2023 meeting of the Western Political Science As-
sociation will be held at the Hyatt Regency in San
Francisco, California, from April 6 to 8. Jason Casellas,
University of Houston, is serving as program chair for this
meeting. Melissa Michelson, Menlo College, is chairing
the Local Arrangements Committee. Information re-
garding the conference, its theme, and the list of section
chairs are available on the WPSA website: www.wpsanet.
org. In addition to the main program, several workshops
are being organized for Wednesday, April 5. There will
also be several mini-conferences held during the meeting.
Information on these workshops and mini-conferences
can also be found on the website.
Proposals for the 2023 meeting are encouraged. The
deadline for submission of paper proposals/program
participation forms is 26 September 2022. The theme for
the 2023 meeting is Unity in the Midst of Disunity: The
Role of Political Science in Democracy.While proposals
are welcome on all topics in political science, the program
chair is encouraging proposals that enhance our under-
standing of the division which has impacted our political
discourse and the role that political scientists can play, as
individuals and as members of an association, to help f‌ind
ways to foster unity and coalescence around shared
principles. Scholars in all subf‌ields of the discipline are
welcome to submit proposals on subjects related to this
theme. Details about the conference, its theme, the call for
papers, and proposal instructions appear on the WPSA
The WPSA annual meeting not only offers the op-
portunity for traditional research presentations and
roundtable discussions, but also a place for interested
groups to schedule special events and workshops. In
addition, if you are part of a research community that is
interested in holding a meeting in the spring, we may be
able to accommodate your group by coordinating a
conference within the WPSA annual meeting. For in-
formation about these opportunities, please contact
Richard Clucas, WPSA Executive Director, at hprc@
Recipients of 2022 WPSA Awards
The following WPSA awards were presented by the
Association at the 2022 Annual Meeting held in Portland,
The award for the best paper on Asian Pacif‌ic
Americans and Politics was awarded to Ngoc T. Phan,
Hawaii Pacif‌ic University, and Kevin Lujan Lee, Mas-
sachusetts Institute of Technology, for the paper: To-
wards a Decolonial Quantitative Social Science: Indigenous
Self-Identif‌ication in the 2019 Native Hawaiian Survey.
The Betty Moulds Lifetime Service Award was
awarded to Gary Segura, Professor and Dean, Luskin
School of Public Affairs, University of California, Los
The Betty Nesvold Award for the best paper on Women
and Politics was given to Stephanie L. DeMora, Christian
Lindke, Sean Long, Jennifer L. Merolla, and Maricruz
Ariana Osorio, all from the University of California,
Riverside, for the paper The Effect of the Political En-
vironment on Womens Political Ambition.
The award for the best paper on Blacks and Politics
was awarded to Stephanie L. DeMora, University of
California, Riverside; Sarah Hayes University of Cal-
ifornia, Riverside; and Melissa R. Michelson, Menlo
College, for the paper Party at the Mailbox: Mobilizing
Black Voters with Celebrations of Community.
The Charles Redd Award for the best paper on the
politics of the American West was given to Mahina Tu-
teur, University of HawaiʻiatM
anoa, for the paper: The
Hawaiian Land Hui Movement: Race, Property, and the
Law in Territorial Hawaiʻi.
The Clay Morgan Award for the Best Book In Envi-
ronmental Political Theory was awarded to Max Liboiron,
Memorial University, for the book, Pollution is Colo-
nialism (Duke University Press, 2021).
The Dissertation Award was given to Kathy Walker,
University of Saskatchewan, for the dissertation com-
pleted at the University of British Columbia, entitled
awaskiy: regenerating a wholistic ethics.

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