Date01 June 2021
Published date01 June 2021
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Political Research Quarterly
2021, Vol. 74(2) 506 –507
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Information for Readers
Western Political Science
Association (WPSA)
Join Us at the WPSA’s 75th Anniversary
Celebration and Conference in Portland
The WPSA will be celebrating its 75th anniversary at
the association’s 2022 annual meeting, which will be
held in Portland, Oregon, next March. The association
is planning to mark this special occasion with a variety
of special events, talks, receptions, roundtable discus-
sions, and more. Mark your calendar now and plan to
join us. It should be a great meeting and a good time to
get together, especially after having to cancel in-person
meetings in 2020 and 2021.
The conference will be held at the Portland Hilton
from March 10 to 12, 2022. Ricardo Ramirez, University
of Notre Dame, will be serving as WPSA president dur-
ing the conference. Pei-te Lien, University of California
at Santa Barbara, will be the program chair. Portland
State University’s Political Science Department and the
Mark Hatfield School of Government are serving as the
local hosts. The members of the local arrangements team
will be announced soon. In addition, the WPSA Executive
Council has created a 75th Anniversary Committee to
help plan the festivities, with the following members:
Ron Schmidt, chair, California State University, Long
Beach, and Davidson College; Louis DeSipio, University
of California, Irvine; Ange-Marie Hancock, University of
Southern California; Rodney Hero, Arizona State
University; Jane Junn, University of Southern California;
Valerie Martinez-Ebers, University of North Texas; and
Richard Clucas, Portland State University.
The DEADLINE for submission of paper proposals/
program participation forms is in mid-September 2021
right before the American Political Science Association
(APSA) meeting. The theme for the 2022 meeting is
“Lighting Up the New Dawn—Recover, Reconcile, and
Rebuild @ 75.” While proposals are welcome from all
subfields in political science, the Program Chair is par-
ticularly encouraging proposals that explore the roles
that political scientists, as individuals and as members
of an association now reaching the golden age of sev-
enty-five, can help chart paths to “rebuild, reconcile,
and recover” a besieged and dangerously divided nation,
and contribute to lighting up a new dawn. Details about
the conference, its theme, the Call for Papers, and pro-
posal instructions, including the deadline, appear on the
WPSA website:
The WPSA annual meeting not only offers the oppor-
tunity for traditional research presentations and round-
table discussions, but it has also grown into a popular
venue for interested groups to schedule mini-confer-
ences, workshops, receptions, and other special events.
If you are part of a research or educational community
that is interested in holding a meeting or special event in
the spring, we can probably accommodate your group
within the WPSA annual meeting. We are especially
interested in encouraging groups to host special events
tied to the 75th anniversary. Participants in these special
events are required to pay the regular conference fee, but
we are able to provide the space and some administrative
support to your group without charge. The Association
has developed a great track record in developing mini-
conferences and workshops with outside organizations
and groups of interested scholars. For information about
these opportunities, please contact Richard Clucas,
WPSA Executive Director, at
Recipients of 2021 WPSA Awards
The following WPSA awards were presented by the
Association at the 2021 Annual Meeting held online in
The Betty Moulds Lifetime Service Award went to
Shaun Bowler, Distinguished Professor of Political
Science and Dean of Graduate Affairs, University of
California, Riverside.
The recipient of the Clay Morgan Award for the best
book in Environmental Political Theory was Cara New
Daggett, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State
University, for the book, The Birth of Energy: Fossil
Fuels, Thermodynamics, and the Politics of Work (Duke
University Press 2019). An honorable mention was given
to Rafi Youatt, The New School for Social Research, for
the book, Interspecies Politics: Nature, Borders, States
(University of Michigan Press 2020).
The Best Dissertation Award was given to Justine
Davis, UC Presidential Postdoctoral Fellow at University
of California, San Diego, for the dissertation completed
at the University of California, Berkley: “Wartime
Experiences of Civic Leaders: Legacies of Civil War,
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