Date01 March 2017
Published date01 March 2017
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/tmp/tmp-181No2CxapwoNu/input 688654PRQXXX10.1177/1065912916688654Political Research QuarterlyAnnouncements
Information for Readers
Political Research Quarterly
2017, Vol. 70(1) 237 –238
© 2017 University of Utah
Reprints and permissions:
DOI: 10.1177/1065912916688654
Western Political Science
Changes in the WPSA Executive Council
Association (WPSA)
Julie Novkov is serving as WPSA President through the
WPSA Celebrates Seventieth Anniversary at
April 2017 meetings. At the conclusion of the meetings,
Annual Meetings in Vancouver
Stephen Nicholson, University of California, Merced,
will assume the presidency of WPSA. Jane Junn,
The WPSA will be celebrating its seventieth anniversary
University of Southern California, will become the new
in April when it holds its annual meetings in Vancouver,
Program Chair. The following individuals have been
British Columbia. The meetings will be held at the
elected to the Executive Council for the term 2017–2020:
Vancouver Hyatt Regency, Thursday, April 13, through
Valerie O’Regan, California State University, Fullerton;
Saturday, April 15, 2017. The theme for this year’s con-
Mark Brown, California State University, Sacramento;
ference is “The Politics of Identity, Intergroup Bias, and
Steven Johnson, University of Utah; and Janni Aragon,
Conflict and Cooperation.” In addition to the regular pan-
University of Victoria, Canada. Their terms begin imme-
els, there are two conferences taking place within our
diately prior to the April 2017 meeting. The terms of the
conference, one on Asian Pacific Americans and Politics
following Executive Council members will conclude
and the other on the Political Economy of Development.
immediately prior to the Vancouver meetings: Regina
As in previous years, there will also be workshops on
Branton, University of North Texas; Michael Genovese,

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