Date01 September 2018
Published date01 September 2018
Subject MatterInformation for Readers
Political Research Quarterly
2018, Vol. 71(3) 722 –723
© 2018 University of Utah
Reprints and permissions:
DOI: 10.1177/1065912918785630
Information for Readers
Western Political Science
Association (WPSA)
WPSA Heads to Sunny San Diego for 2019
Looking for a respite from the gray of winter and an
opportunity to share your research in a supportive envi-
ronment? If so, then you should join us for the 2019
meeting of the WPSA, which will be held at the
Manchester Hyatt along the bay in beautiful and sunny
San Diego, California, from April 18 to 20. Jamie
Mayerfeld, University of Washington, is serving as
Program Chair for this meeting. The University of San
Diego (USD) has once again offered to serve as the
local host. Cory Gooding and Timothy McCarty, both
professors in the USD Department of Political Science
and International Relations, are serving as the local
arrangements cochairs.
If you are interested in participating, then you need
to move quickly. The DEADLINE for submission of
paper proposals/program participation forms is
September 21, 2018. The theme for the 2019 meeting is
“The Politics of Climate Change.” Although proposals
are welcome on all topics in political science, the
Program Chair is encouraging proposals that enhance
our understanding of the politics of climate change.
Scholars in all subfields of the discipline are welcome
to submit proposals on subjects related to this theme.
Details about the conference, its theme, the Call for
Papers, and proposal instructions appear on the WPSA
The WPSA annual meeting not only offers the oppor-
tunity for traditional research presentations and round-
table discussions but also a place for interested groups
to schedule special events and workshops. In addition, if
you are part of a research community that is interested
in holding a meeting in the spring, we may be able to
accommodate your group by coordinating a conference
within the WPSA annual meeting. Requests for special
events and miniconferences are accepted after the
September deadline for paper and panel proposals. For
information about these opportunities, please contact
Richard Clucas, WPSA Executive Director, at hprc@ You will find the WPSA to be a welcoming
environment to special events and the needs of research
New WPSA Officers and Council Members
Future officers and council members were elected at the
WPSA business meeting held in March in San Francisco,
California. Jessica Lavariega-Monforti, California
Lutheran University, was elected to the position of vice
president and program chair, 2019–2020. She will over-
see the program for the 2020 meeting in Los Angeles,
California, and will serve as president of the association
during the subsequent year. The association also elected
Jason Casellas, University of Houston, as the first male
Recording Secretary in the association’s history. His term
will run from March 1, 2019, to February 28, 2022.
Finally, the following individuals were elected at the
business meeting to serve as council members from 2019
to 2022: Mario Guerrero, California Polytechnic
University, Pomona; Natalie Masouka, Tufts University;
Sarah Shair-Rosenfield, Arizona State University; and
Shirin Deylami, Western Washington University. These
new council members will assume their positions just
prior to the April 2019 meeting in San Diego, California.
Interested in a Creative Editorial Position?
The term of the current editors of The Western, Danielle
Lemi, University of California, Riverside, and Janni
Aragon, University of Victoria, will expire after the pub-
lication of the March 2019 newsletter. The association is
seeking nominations of qualified individuals who would
edit the newsletter from April 1, 2019, through March 30,
2023. This four-year term is renewable for two-year
optional extensions. Nominations and self-nominations
are both welcome. The WPSA encourages nominations of
women and members of ethnic minorities. The editor(s)
is selected by the WPSA president.
The Western was created to provide a forum for schol-
arly conversations on political science teaching, research,
and political events focused on but not limited to the
western region. Under the thoughtful guidance of the first
two teams of editors, The Western has become an impor-
tant part of the WPSA. The publication includes news
about the association, announcements from our members,
sections dedicated to research and education, and more.
The association would like to find an editor or a team
of editors who can continue to help the newsletter grow
both in content and visibility. The publication was envi-
sioned as a means not only to serve our members but also
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