Date01 September 2017
Published date01 September 2017
Subject MatterAnnouncements
Political Research Quarterly
2017, Vol. 70(3) 700 –701
© 2017 University of Utah
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DOI: 10.1177/1065912917718785
Western Political Science
Association (WPSA)
WPSA Heads to San Francisco for 2018
The 2018 meeting of the WPSA will be held at the Hyatt
Regency in San Francisco, California, from March 29 to
31. Jane Junn, University of Southern California, is serv-
ing as Program Chair for this meeting. Melissa Michelson,
Menlo College, and Marcela Garcia-Castañon, San
Francisco State University, are serving as co-chairs of the
Local Arrangements Committee.
Proposals for the 2018 meeting are encouraged. The
deadline for submission of paper proposals/program par-
ticipation forms is September 15, 2017. The theme for the
2018 meeting is “Contested Truth.” Details about the
conference, its theme, the Call for Papers, and proposal
instructions appear on the WPSA website: www.wpsanet.
The WPSA annual meeting offers not only the oppor-
tunity for traditional research presentations and roundta-
ble discussions but also a place for interested groups to
schedule special events and workshops. In addition, if
you are part of a research community that is interested in
holding a meeting in the spring, we may be able to accom-
modate your group by coordinating a conference within
the WPSA annual meeting. For information about these
opportunities, please contact Richard Clucas, WPSA
Executive Director, at, before October 31,
First Recipient of Betty Moulds Lifetime
Service Award
The WPSA is proud to announce that Ronald Schmidt has
been named the first recipient of the Betty Moulds
Lifetime Service Award, receiving the award at the 2017
Annual Meeting held in Vancouver, British Columbia.
For nearly a quarter century, Betty Moulds served the
WPSA with the highest distinction, a dedication to men-
torship, and a commitment to building the WPSA into an
exemplary home for political science scholars. The Betty
Moulds Lifetime Service Award was established to rec-
ognize individuals who, like Moulds, have a long history
of service and extraordinary contribution of time, energy,
and talent to the association.
The selection committee chose Ronald Schmidt to
be the inaugural recipient because of his longtime devo-
tion and significant contributions to the association.
Schmidt has served the WPSA with the highest distinc-
tion for well over two decades. He has taken on virtu-
ally every role one could in service to the organization:
president (2005–2006), program chair, local arrange-
ments chair, section chair, executive council, and chair
or member on numerous association committees over
his twenty plus years of WPSA activity, not to mention
being an active participant at our annual meetings
through the years.
For the inaugural recipient of the Moulds Award, the
selection committee wanted to honor a person not only
for his or her service but who could also serve as an
exemplar who all could aspire to follow. For those rea-
sons, it selected Schmidt, professor emeritus, Department
of Political Science, California State University, Long
Beach, and visiting professor, Department of Political
Science, Davidson College, North Carolina.
Recipients of 2017 WPSA Awards
The following WPSA awards were presented by the asso-
ciation at the 2017 Annual Meeting held in Vancouver,
British Columbia.
The award for the best paper on Asian Pacific
Americans and Politics was awarded to Rhoanne Esteban,
University of California, Santa Barbara, for her paper:
“Understanding How Political Context and Racial
Coalitions Matter for Asian Pacific American
Representation in California.”
The Betty Nesvold Award for the best paper on Women
and Politics was awarded to Sara Angevine, Whittier
College, for her paper: “Aborting Global Women’s
Rights: How the U.S. Represents Women Worldwide.”
The award for the best paper on blacks and politics
was awarded to Elizabeth Maltby, University of Iowa, for
her paper: “Criminal Justice and the Polarization of
Public Opinion.”
The Charles Redd Award for the best paper on the
politics of the American West was awarded to Albert
Ponce, Diablo Valley College, for his paper: “Racialized
Disposability, Migration, Labor and Violence.”
The Dissertation Award was awarded to Sanne
Rijkhoff, Portland State University, for her dissertation
completed at Washington State University: “False Alarm!
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