Date01 September 2019
Published date01 September 2019
Subject MatterInformation for Readers
Political Research Quarterly
2019, Vol. 72(3) 760 –761
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Information for Readers
Western Political Science
Association (WPSA)
WPSA Heads to L.A. Live for 2020 Meetings
The 2020 meeting of the WPSA will be held at the J.W.
Marriott in Los Angeles, California, from April 9 to 11.
The conference hotel is at L.A. Live, an entertainment
district in one of downtown Los Angeles’s most vibrant
neighborhoods, with great restaurants, watering holes,
and other attractions right nearby. With a Metro Rail sta-
tion within easy walking distance, the location is easily
accessible to other parts of the city, allowing partici-
pants to get around without relying on automobiles.
Jessica Lavariega Monforti, California Lutheran
University, is the Program Chair for this meeting.
Loyola Marymount University is serving as the local
hosts. Richard Fox, Loyola Marymount, is chairing the
Local Arrangements Committee.
The 2019 meeting set records in participation. We
anticipate another exceptional meeting in Los Angeles.
Proposals for the meeting are strongly encouraged. The
DEADLINE for submission of paper proposals/program
participation forms is in mid-September 2019 right after
the American Political Science Association (APSA)
meeting. The theme for the 2020 meeting is “The
Boundaries of Belonging.” While proposals are welcome
from all subfields in political science, the Program Chair
is particularly encouraging proposals that investigate and
expand our understanding of the politics of belonging.
Scholars in all areas of the discipline are welcome to sub-
mit proposals on subjects related to this theme. Details
about the conference, its theme, the Call for Papers, and
proposal instructions, including the deadline, appear on
the WPSA website:
The WPSA annual meeting not only offers the opportu-
nity for traditional research presentations and roundtable
discussions, but it has also grown into a popular venue for
interested groups to schedule mini-conferences, work-
shops, receptions, and other special events. If you are part
of a research or educational community that is interested
in holding a meeting or event in the spring, we can prob-
ably accommodate your group by coordinating a confer-
ence within the WPSA annual meeting. Participants in
these mini-conferences are required to pay the regular
conference fee, but we are able to provide the space and
some administrative support to your group without charge.
The Association has developed a great track record in
developing mini-conferences and workshops with out-
side organizations and groups of interested scholars.
For information about these opportunities, please con-
tact Richard Clucas, WPSA Executive Director, at
New WPSA Officers and Council Members
Future officers and council members were elected at the
WPSA business meeting held in April in San Diego,
California. Ricardo Ramirez, University of Notre Dame,
was elected to the position of vice president and pro-
gram chair, 2020–2021. He will oversee the program for
the 2021 meeting in Seattle, Washington, and will serve
as president of the association during the subsequent
year. In addition, the following individuals were elected
at the business meeting to serve as council members
from 2020 to 2023: Melissa Michelson, Menlo College;
Ainsley LeSure, Occidental College; Mark Ramirez,
Arizona State University; and Laura Evans, University
of Washington. These new council members will assume
their positions just prior to the April 2020 meeting in
Los Angeles, California.
The Western Needs You
The WPSA is looking for an individual or team of indi-
viduals to edit the association’s newsletter, The Western.
The newsletter was created to provide a forum for schol-
arly conversations on political science teaching, research,
and political events focused on but not limited to the
western region. Under the thoughtful guidance of the first
two teams of editors, The Western has become an impor-
tant part of the WPSA. The publication includes news
about the association, announcements from our members,
sections dedicated to research and education, and more.
The association would like to find someone who can
continue to help the newsletter grow both in content and
visibility. The position provides a great opportunity for
someone with creative vision, who would like to build a
publication and become more closely involved with the
For more information on the position and how to
apply, please contact WPSA Executive Director Richard
Clucas (
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