Published date01 December 2019
Date01 December 2019
Subject MatterInformation for Readers
Political Research Quarterly
2019, Vol. 72(4) 1004 –1005
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Information for Readers
Western Political Science
Association (WPSA)
Not Too Late to Participate in the 2020
Meeting in Los Angeles
The 2020 meeting of the WPSA will be held at the JW
Marriott at L.A. Live in downtown Los Angeles, from
April 9 to 11. Jessica Lavariega Monforti, California
Lutheran University, is serving as Program Chair for this
meeting. Loyola Marymount University is serving as the
local host. Richard Fox, Professor of Political Science
and Dean of the Bellarmine College of Liberal Arts, is
serving as local arrangements chair. Information regard-
ing the conference, its theme, and the list of section chairs
are available on the WPSA website: In
addition to the main program, several workshops are
being organized for Wednesday, April 8. There will also
be several mini-conferences held during the meeting.
Information on these workshops and mini-conferences
can also be found on the website.
Even though the deadline for paper proposals has
passed, there are still ways to participate actively in the
annual meeting. Any committees, caucuses, subject-mat-
ter sections, or other groups wishing to schedule sessions
or workshops during the WPSA meetings and who have
not already done so should contact WPSA Associate
Director, Elsa Favila, as soon as possible at favilaej@
In addition, if you are part of a research community
that is interested in holding a meeting in the spring, we
may still be able to accommodate your group by coordi-
nating a mini-conference within our conference. The
association does not charge for providing the space and
support for these mini-conference, though the attendees
are required to register for the WPSA meeting. There is
also the opportunity to host receptions, business meet-
ings, and special events at the annual conference. Finally,
some section chairs are likely to be looking for individu-
als wanting to serve as discussants and panel chairs. Just
write them if you are interested.
Preregistration and hotel information is available now
on the WPSA website. It is possible to preregister and pay
by credit card at this site:
We Need Some Light Help in Editing the
WPSA Newsletter
The WPSA is searching for an individual or small team of
individuals to edit the association’s online newsletter, The
Western, from April 1, 2020, through March 30, 2024.
This four-year term is renewable for two-year optional
extensions. The Western was created to provide a forum
for scholarly conversations on political science teaching,
research, and political events focused on but not limited to
the western region. The publication was envisioned as a
means not only to serve our members, but to evolve even-
tually into an important contribution to the discipline.
The editor of The Western is responsible for the sub-
stantive content of the newsletter, developing the edito-
rial direction of the publication and coordinating
contributions, while working closely with the WPSA
Executive Director. The editor may appoint others to
assist in the editorial process. The title and responsibili-
ties of such appointments will be determined by the editor
to reflect an appropriate level of responsibility (e.g., asso-
ciate editor, deputy editor) or function (e.g., book review
This is a great opportunity for someone who is inter-
ested in becoming more involved in the association and
would like to build a publication. The workload is not
overwhelming. The newsletter is published twice a year
and most of the articles are written by contributors,
though some writing is required.
For more information on the position and how to
apply, please contact WPSA Executive Director Richard
Clucas (
Donate to WPSA Endowments
When planning for next year’s conference, consider donat-
ing to the WPSA when you register online. Or better yet,
don’t wait, do it now. We have set up the WPSA website to
enable individuals to donate directly to the WPSA.
Contributions can be given without strings attached to the
association, or they can be targeted at specific funds.
Among these funds are the association’s first four endow-
ments. Two of these endowments—the Betty Moulds Fund
and the Joel Olson Fund—were created to establish awards
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