Published date01 December 2017
Date01 December 2017
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/tmp/tmp-178oNUXQvJIjY6/input 733458PRQXXX10.1177/1065912917733458Political Research Quarterly
Information for Readers
Political Research Quarterly
2017, Vol. 70(4) 947
© 2017 University of Utah
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DOI: 10.1177/1065912917733458
Western Political Science
Joel Olson Award Needs Your Support
Association (WPSA)
In response to member requests, the WPSA Executive
2018 WPSA Meeting
Council approved the creation of its first endowed awards
in fall 2014. If these awards are to succeed over time,
The 2018 meeting of the WPSA will be held at the Hyatt
they need your financial support.
Regency in San Francisco, California, from March 29 to
One of these endowments is to honor Joel Olson, an
31. Jane Junn, University of Southern California, is serv-
associate professor of political theory at Northern Arizona
ing as Program Chair for this meeting. Melissa Michelson,
University and a longtime WPSA member who passed
Menlo College, and Marcela Garcia-Castanon, San away unexpectedly in March 2012. The Joel Olson Award
Francisco State University, are serving as co-chairs of the
will be given to activist-scholars whose work is at the cre-
Local Arrangements Committee. Information regarding
ative intersection of radical political theory and practice.
the conference, its theme, and the list of section chairs are
Unfortunately, there have not been sufficient funds raised
available on the WPSA website: In
to launch the award at this point. Without your financial
addition to the main program, several workshops are
help, the award may not be able to get off the ground. The
being organized for Wednesday, March 28. There will
second endowment is to underwrite the costs for the Betty
also be several mini-conferences held during the meeting.
Moulds Lifetime Service Award. The Betty Moulds Award
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