Anni's Cancer Companion.

Author:Scott, Barbara Bamberger
Position:Book review

Anni Mathews (author); ANNI'S CANCER COMPANION; Singing Dragon (Nonfiction: Health & Fitness) $15.95 ISBN: 9781848190672

Byline: Barbara Bamberger Scott

Anni's Cancer Companion details how the late Anni Matthews, a most inspiring woman, dealt with her cancer diagnosis and treatment, providing much needed encouragement to those struggling with available treatment options, both conventional and unorthodox. Matthews' memoir is accompanied by a guide to medical terminology, including a wealth of alternative healing suggestions and references for further information.

The neatly organized book has been compiled with patients, physicians, family, and caregivers in mind. Organized as a mini-encyclopedia, it goes from "A is for Acupuncture" to "Z is for Zulu Warrior." In the "C" segment, for example, there are such wide-ranging categories as Chemotherapy, Coenzyme Q10, Cold Cap (for preventing hair loss), Cryotherapy, Crystal Healing, and Curcumin.

Anni Matthews was a London executive who became a one-woman hotline for fellow cancer patients. During her five-year battle with cancer, she often laughed in the face of seemingly hopeless news from her medical team. She underwent orthodox treatment but also advocated for organic food diets and alternative healing methods. When faced with daunting sessions of chemo or radiation, she used prayer and visualization techniques. She describes very frankly her negative encounters with some members of the medical profession and advises both...

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