Anne Steelyard.

Author:Breau, Elizabeth
Position:Book review

Barbara Hambly (author); ANNE STEELYARD; Penny Farthing Press (Comics & Graphic Novels: Comics & Graphic Novels) $14.95 ISBN: 9780984214341

Byline: Elizabeth Breau

Move over, Indiana Jones. Gender rebel Anne Steelyard has a half-century head start in the race to prevent Germans from discovering the long-hidden secrets of the ancient world. The deadly power hidden within the lost City of Miyah -- perhaps the Garden of Eden -- has been protected by a powerful weapon for centuries. If the Kaiser's soldiers find it first, they will use it to wrest the crown of world domination from the British Empire.

Despite her distaste for Victorian ideology -- or perhaps because of it -- Anne is a proud British citizen, willing to die for her country rather than allow anything that could harm it fall into enemy hands. Determined to earn her stripes as an archaeologist, she is unaware that her flight from personal demons, inspired by an arranged marriage to a man of her dictatorial father's choosing, may very well fling her into the waiting arms of an even more deadly foe.

In An Honorary Man, the first book of this trilogy, Anne searches fruitlessly for the Garden of Eden. Now, in the final installment of this adventure, Anne and Lady Hester, a draconian defender of Victorian respectability, have returned to the desert sands surrounding Basra in current-day Iraq to learn the fate of Lady Hester's missing brother. Lending...

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