Animals as Food; (Re)connecting Production, Processing, Consumption, and Impacts.

Author:Silverstein, Barry
Position:Book review

Amy J. Fitzgerald; ANIMALS AS FOOD; Michigan State University Press (Nonfiction: Ecology & Environment) 44.95 ISBN: 9781611861747

Byline: Barry Silverstein

An informed perspective and an objective voice contribute authority to this critique of animal farming and consumption.

In identifying the primary reasons why she wrote Animals as Food, Amy Fitzgerald points out several factors that dramatize the modern-day importance of the topic. She acknowledges, for example, the "growing cultural curiosity and unease" surrounding the use of animals as food, as well as a "growing critical consciousness about where our food comes from." Just as compelling is the fact that the powerful US food industry providing animal-derived food products "has not been forthcoming about the questions consumers want answered." This well-researched study traces the history of the human consumption of animals and also considers the contemporary impacts of processing and consuming animals.

Fitzgerald offers a carefully documented overview of the history and development of livestock production and processing in text that is both edifying and eye-opening. Her description of "the industrialization of slaughter and processing" is not for the squeamish, but it is necessary background for such a scholarly work. Of particular interest are the impacts, or "fallout," of industrializing the animals-as-food process. Fitzgerald includes an...

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