Animal Research.

Author:Miller, Sarah Rose A.

Every second of every day of every year, an animal dies in an experiment in the United States," reports Last Chance for Animals. All in the name of science. Scientists cut open live animals to see how their bodies work, they poison animals to see how their bodies react, they test cosmetics on them, and more. These animals often die excruciatingly painful deaths after having lived their entire lives in isolation, trapped in tiny cages with minimal stimuli.

On the other hand, millions of people would die each year from cancer, polio, diabetes, heart disease, and kidney failure if research on nonhuman animals hadn't been practiced since way back when. Animal research has been an important part of many biomedical breakthroughs, allowing scientists to test on animals countless possible cures for these illnesses.

Many people are unsure with which side of the argument they agree in regard to this issue, because millions of lives are lost either way. Although more animals die (and suffer much more before they die), humans are our species; if faced with the choice of saving a random animal or a random child, most people would save the child. They can relate more with children, knowing that children feel pain and distress, while it wasn't a commonly accepted fact until recently that animals have feelings as well.

Animals are used for research in several different ways: for education, for testing cosmetics, and for biomedical research. In regard to education, children all over the world dissect animals to learn their basic anatomy. It gives them a chance to see the different organs and their placement and to imagine what the creature's bodily systems were like when it was alive. It also leaves a more lasting impression than if the children merely study from a diagram. But it also leaves the impression that animal lives can be wasted if this benefits humanity. Millions of animals, mostly frogs, are killed every year expressly for educational use. Sometimes, in the act of removing thousands of a particular species from an area, the biosphere where they live is destroyed or dies because it is no longer supported by a specific species. This shows no respect for the lives of other species, only self-interest and the sense of self-gain.

Animals are used for product testing to make sure that a certain product can be safely marketed without the risk of causing serious injuries. From hair conditioner to pharmaceuticals, lab animals have products sprayed on...

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