Angel Rock, a novel.

Author:Lewis, Courtney
Position:Brief Article - Young Adult Review

Random House, Vintage. 303p. c2002. 0-37571924-5. $13.00. SA

The dusty Australian town of Angel Rock has deep undercurrents of mystery and violence as the town is confronted by two tragedies. Tom Ferry, a hard-working 13-year-old routinely abused by his drunken stepfather, disappears into the bush for weeks with his younger half-brother Flynn. They are presumed dead, so the town is astonished when he emerges starved and delusional without his younger sibling and with no memory of what has passed in the wilderness. Meanwhile, the ethereal adolescent Darcy seems to be hiding a secret. even from her good friend Grace, the daughter of Pop, the friendly town policeman. When she is found dead in Sydney. an apparent suicide, Gibson, a city detective with his own personal skeletons, decides to travel to Angel Rock and uncover what has...

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