Angel in Disguise.

Position:Book review

Angel In Disguise

Violeta Barrett


4900 LaCross Rd., North Charleston, SC 29406

9781484092217, $28.95, 148pp,

Synopsis: Violeta Barrett doesn't like cats. She has always told herself, "I am not a cat person." But one day not long after becoming a widow, she is taken by surprise by the scratching at her screen door. There, with a cute face and nicked-up ears, is a little guy who will become known simply as Cat. At first his clawing of the screen door annoys her. But soon, sitting on the porch together, she finds that she enjoys the little fellow's company. That's how it usually begins with animals; their kind spirit and cute faces warm our hearts--if our hearts are open enough to accept their offering. Luckily for Violeta her heart is wide open. "Angel in Disguise" is the tenderly moving true story of a genuine relationship between a woman and her pet cat. Their journey together is life--changing, amusing and emotional and underscores the notion that we were not meant to be alone; that we are social beings and that love is essential in our lives. It is true that the major focus of love has mainly been on male-female bonding. But the essence of true...

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