Andy Warhol's ironic achievement.

Author:Gillespie, Nick
Position:Artists works analysis - Brief article

EVEN WHEN he was making replicas of s &H trading stamps, Andy Warhol (1928-1987) never worked small, so it's fitting that Phaidon Press has produced Andy Warhol "GIANT" Size, a stunning, massive compendium of more than 2,000 images of the Pittsburgh native's art and life (the tome is 17-inches by 13-inches and weighs a hefty 15 pounds).

Riffing off Dada, catalog illustration, post-war celebrity culture, and more, Warhol never fretted over the work of art in the age of mechanical reproduction. Rather, he gloried in inverting the myth of the starving, romantic genius. "Andy Warhol transformed the artist's studio from a 'lonely garret' into a collective, corporate endeavor," writes Dave Hickey in his insightful introduction.

Warhol also transformed the unique masterpiece into...

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