And Then There Were Crows.

Author:Hussey, Rebecca
Position:Brief article - Book review

Alcy Leyva; AND THEN THERE WERE CROWS; Black Spot Books (Fiction: Fantasy) 13.99 ISBN: 9780999742327

Byline: Rebecca Hussey

Alcy Leyva's And Then There Were Crows is a funny and fast novel in which angels and demons unexpectedly invade the isolated existence of the book's endearing and prickly protagonist, Amanda Grey.

Public spaces make Grey anxious; she avoids them in her parents' Queens apartment while they are on an extended vacation. Grey must sublet her bedroom, though. One applicant comes to see the space and attacks her; when she fights back and kills him, his body breaks open and crows climb out.

The crows are shape-shifting demons, one of whom becomes her roommate. She must find the rest of the demons before they destroy the city. Alongside a cast of characters including an angel, cult leaders, the pope, a neighbor, and her sister, Grey desperately tries to get this increasingly dire situation under control.

Grey is a sympathetic and entertaining narrator. She is snarky and always ready with a funny retort, but her vulnerability shows through. Watching her face an increasingly wild and wacky...

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