And Then There Was One.

Position:Book review

Patricia Gussin (author); AND THEN THERE WAS ONE; Oceanview Publishing (Mystery) $0.00 ISBN: 9781933515816

The poet William Cowper said, aAbsence from whom we love is worse than death, and frustrates hope severer than despair.a This perfectly describes the fever pitch of anxiety and fear that pervades Patricia Gussin's new novel And Then There Was One. An interracial family, the scars of the Detroit riots, the New York Yankees, an abduction, and a parent's worst nightmareaGussin combines these high-tension elements to weave a compelling mystery that ensnares the reader from the very first page.

Forensic pediatric psychologist Katie Monroe seems to have a charmed life. She's well-educated, married to former Yankees catcher Scott Monroe, and has a prominent career and identical nine-year-old triplets. It's a life any woman would envyaand one that is destroyed in an instant. Her three daughters go with their cousin and grandmother to the movies, but only one emerges from the theater. Over the phone, Katie learns that two of her girls have been kidnapped, with no trace and no leads. In a heartbeat, this powerful woman's world is shattered. aIn the end they both sat in front of the cameras, teary eyed and in voices hoarse from endless crying, pleaded for the safe return of their daughters. Both parents had experience with the media, but huddled together, they looked like innocent children themselves, so pathetically scared were they.a In their worry, Katie and Scott try everything to find their missing girls, and end up unraveling their pasts in a desperate...

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