Anchors of the Soul: Holding Steadfast in Turbulent Times.

Position:Book review

G.E. Beaver; ANCHORS OF THE SOUL: HOLDING STEADFAST IN TURBULENT TIMES; Booksurge Publishing (Self Help) $12.99 ISBN: 1439253587

The evolutionist would suggest that we came from nothing and go to nothing G.E. Beaver writes. Rather hopeless wouldnt you say? The worldview of the Christian is the complete antithesis of this. In Anchors of the Soul Beaver offers his own worldview discussing the relationships that people have with God society and their families. He covers both the positive and the negative tackling topics including love security significance leadership fear conflict and confrontation.

The author is a marriage and family counselor and the insights he presents here are a blend of psychology and Christianity. Only one thing can satisfy our soul--having a personal relationship with Christ and having our sins forgiven through Christ he writes. Most often his advice comes in the form of self-help psychology. Regarding poor emotional development he writes I once heard a therapist say borderlines dont get married they take hostages! Sad but true. Those who marry borderlines/narcissists become scapegoats and dumping ground for all that childhood anger and emotional pain.

In Anchors of the Soul Beaver presents nothing controversial or surprising and readers will not find anything to argue with. The truths presented are timeless and based squarely on Christianity or well-accepted social principles.

Beavers intent is to anchor his...

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