Analyses of the Universal Trading Processes between Human Species and Nature.

Author:Parhizgar, Kamal Dean


Worldosophy (worldology as noun) and ecosophy (ecology as noun) are dualistic types of the idealistic conceptual judgments and perceptual realistic observational bionic complementary conditions concerning life, liberty, limitary, and military (4Ls) on the planet Earth. Ontologically and epistemologically, survival is not limited to the conditions of the earthly life because energy will not be destroyed in the universe. Ecosophically (ecology as noun), the term entropy means a somatic bionic system to be measured by the amount of unavailable energy for functioning during a natural process of life. In thermodynamics, such an organic system undergoes a spontaneous change. Also, the term epiboly means that the growth of one dimension of human life (e.g., culture, knowledge, faith, education and etc.) overlies on other parts as the fermentation of certain energetic processing of psychometric characteristics of existence. Furthermore, in what type of ecological conditions of life do we desire to live in? Where energy has come from to the world of existence? This is the most fundamental philosophical question that should be answered by all scientists in the history of the world. Woo (2015) has made research by the following reports: "There is nothing violent than a collision between two entire clusters of galaxies. One such impact is so extreme, it could tell us what the universe is made of. Space can be violent place. These cosmic conglomerations typically contain hundreds of galaxies each boasting billions of stars--bound together by gravity. When one cluster gets too close to another, their mutual gravity yanks them together. The resulting collisions are huge, generating more energy than any other event since the Bing Bang. Dark matter is thought to be the glue that binds the clusters together, forming the gravitational foundations of stars, gas, and galaxies throughout the universe. It compromises a quarter of the cosmos, yet it's not visible and no one knows what it is. The cluster can study the fundamental behavior of hot, electrically gas called plasma. The Bullet Cluster lies in the southern sky, 3.7 billion light-year away from Earth. It consists of two separate clusters slamming into each other at the speeds of roughly 6 million mph (10 million Km/h).One cluster is thousand trillion times more massive than the sun. The other weighs about a hundred trillion suns. When you have such heavyweights smashing into each other, their constituent gases heat up to 200 million C, making the Bullet Cluster one of the hottest clusters know. Researchers estimate that the total energy of the collision is roughly 1 octodecillionJoules--which to state the obvious, is a ridiculous amount of energy. It's equivalent to the energy produced but about six trillion suns burning for as long as the age of the Universe, about 13.8 billion years. The whole crash is vast in both time and space. It would take a light beam 6 million years to travel from one end to the other." Furthermore, biosophy (biology as noun) is a type of traditional reasoning for viewing an orderly holistic natural bionic life in nature. Parhizgar and Parhizgar (2008, p. 36) have indicated: "Bioresearchers in molecular biology and biochemistry rapidly have discovered unknown and surprising characteristics of the DNA molecules (both types of Somatic DND and Mitochondrial DNA) as the quintessential units of life. Just as our entire written language is based upon the alphabet, A, B, C, to Z, we know that the units of living matters have a four-lettered alphabet AGTC: A for adenine, G for guanine, T for thiamine, and C for cytosine. Combine with sugar and a phosphate group, these compositions of atoms of carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, and oxygen produce the 20 amino acids, which in turn are the elements of proteins. Also, in humans, the 16,569 base pairs of endosymbiotic mitochondrial proteins DNA encode for only 37 genes. Each mitochondrion is estimated to contain 2-10 mtDNA copies (Wiesner et al., 1992). All are the main sources of energy; life. However, through eugenic philosophy, the Promethean human made life by humans as artificial insemination through cloning is the philosophy of the artificial life. In the bionic Promethean bisosophical vision, the claim is based on: We as human beings should be the creator of life and our ultimate objectives should be based upon recreating ourselves on the basis of our own image, vision, mission, intention, and conviction. It is a type of natural reasoning based on mutual balanced cooperation and enhancement of co-evolved symbiotic relationship among all living things: biospheric, psychosomatic, and symbiotic conditioning of organic life" (Parhizgar & Parhizgar, 2008). Generally, biosophy is highly related to the holistic biophilic of all organisms that causes existence, survival processes, and death. Nevertheless, biophilia is the innately emotional affiliation of human beings to other living organisms (Keller & Wilson, 1993, p.12). Also, biosophy (biology as noun) and axiosophy (axiology as noun) are twin types of mysterious conditions of the holistic conditions of the eternality of the existence. In addition, tautosophy (tautology as noun) and isonomy (isocratic as noun) are known as competitive forces between life and death. Nevertheless, some people within the culturalogical value system, limit their own existence to the earthly life conditions and they are looking for reincarnation while in other cultures people conceive that the earthly life is the lowest degraded introductory condition of the universal permanent evolutionary existence, because in the primitive conditions of life within a very deep theosophical reasoning, we are realizing that the earthy life could be cursing and the eternal life could be with blessing. We as human beings are highly concerned about birth, life, death, and wealth. This is the complexity of the universal paternicity, trendicity, and brandicity of the earthly somatic life.


Worldosophically and ecosophically, human species have exposed to two major phenomena concerning realistic kinetic, kinesthetic, and kinematic ontological universal existence: (1) facts and (2) truths. Facts are real absolute phenomena without exceptions that they are permanently existed as the foundation of reality (e.g., energy, gravity, birth...

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