This issue of The Progressive went to press on March 25. It will not reach our print subscribers until, in some cases, mid-April.

Just as we could not have predicted how vastly the coronavirus pandemic would reshape our lives in just a few days, we are quite unable to predict where things will be when our readers receive this issue, on which we have worked so hard.

For this reason, we have taken the extraordinary step of publishing the entire issue on our website even before the magazine reaches subscribers, in recognition of the urgency of the moment. Some of you, hopefully, will have received our emails to this effect, and have been able to read this issue online. In the future, know that your print subscription always entitles you to digital access; just go to and click the red subscriber-access box.

The coronavirus pandemic has created, for all of us, an unprecedented crisis. For The Progressive, that means our office building is closed; our staff is pressed to the limit; and our finances are stretched even more than usual to deal with the emergencies of the moment. We can't even be sure our printer and other service providers will continue to be available to us through this crisis.

In the worst-case scenario, we might be forced to suspend print publication for some period of time. We hope that doesn't happen, and we are doing all we can to address these challenges and to keep The Progressive alive and in print.

In any event, we will continue to produce copy online, and to keep alive our two projects: the Public School Shakedown, which tracks attacks...

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