AN OPPORTUNITY TO CREATE CHANGE: How Aleida Rios is shaping the future of energy at BP.

The world of energy is changing.

Legislation and innovation are causing companies around the world to look at their processes differently. The push for clean and renewable energy has never been more urgent than it is now. Aleida Rios, the Head of Upstream Engineering at BP, has had her eye on this issue for years.

And she has a plan.

"Instead of running from the challenge, we've decided to embrace it." Rios, a Mexican immigrant and first-generation college student has always prided herself on her ability to face change with excitement rather than fear. She's spent her entire career at BP as an advocate for positive change as the company embraces the wave of cleaner energy in the modern era.

"One of the most important pieces of advice I'd ever received growing up was about facing your fears. The things that scare us the most have the most potential to change us --and I try to seek out that change every day." Rios uses this advice as she and BP continue to innovate with products that help customers and clients lower emissions to make the world a better place. Where other companies may approach the situation with hesitation, Aleida and BP face it head-on as they strive to improve the world around them.

"The things that scare us the most have the potential to change us. I seek out that change every day."-Aledia Rios on the positive role change can play.

The opportunity for Latinos to play a part in this change, Rios says, is within the grasp of anyone with passion. "This is a great chance for those looking to make a difference to get involved in providing solutions to the energy transition." She references the tireless entrepreneurship, creativity and work ethic of Latina women specifically as problem solvers and a driving force for the future.

"Latinas are incredibly resilient. They never give up and are tirelessly resilient. That's what sets them apart in the workforce."

The most rewarding part of bringing this...

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