An Open Letter to the Lawyers of Tomorrow

AuthorJohn P. Box Jr.
An Open Letter to the Lawyers of Tomorrow
This is an open letter to all the lawyers of tomorrow. It’s for all the bright,
young, idealistic legal minds who believe in law’s nobility, its ability to
make equals of all people, and its role in creating and protecting a free
and democratic society. You know much of my story as a lawyer. But I am
also interested in your story, the arc of your career path, and the future of
our shared profession. I encourage you to use this book as a road map to
plot the direction of your career. In a way, I have provided the ingredients
that I believe, based upon empirical research and my personal experience,
will improve intergenerational harmony and efficiency at law firms.
However, these ingredients are for you to create your own vision and
chart the course of your own career. The legal profession is changing,
and your experiences will not mirror mine precisely. Author-philosopher
Pico Iyer once said of the Buddha:
He always took pains to tell people he was no more than an
experimenter, doing nothing that the rest of us could not do;
his aim was simply that of a doctor at a sickbed, eager to find
an immediate solution to the problem at hand, without claim-
ing his was the only or even the best solution. By speaking,
as he often did, of a “path,” he was saying, in effect, that we
could always go further, that everything was in a constant state
of flux and that all he was doing was showing the way so that
others could take it in new directions.1
1. P I, T O R: T G J   F D L 10–11 (2008).
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