An Endless Struggle.

Author:Canfield, Christine
Position:Book review

Paul Kuttner (author); AN ENDLESS STRUGGLE; Vantage Press (Biography) $26.95 ISBN: 9780533154982

Byline: Christine Canfield

"Conscious of the propaganda value of displaying to the world how much he liked children, Hitler stooped and impulsively hugged me for a few moments " This embrace, caught on camera at the German movie studio where Kuttner's father worked as a doctor, was played on newsreels across the country the summer of 1933. Just a few months later, ten-year-old Kuttner watched helplessly as his non-Aryan father was literally thrown out of the same studio by the SS.

Kuttner, author of four fiction novels and the Trickiest Questions series, was born to baptized Christian parents and was baptized himself. His grandparents, however, though non-practicing Jews, had been born Jewish and were never baptized as Christians. According to Hitler's race laws, a family needed to be three generations removed from any Jewish ancestors to be considered non-Jews. Kuttner's family was deemed non-Aryan and faced the same persecution as Jews in Hitler's Germany. While Kuttner was lucky enough to escape to England on a Kindertransport, he lost his parents to the concentration camps.

Escaping Germany was just the beginning of a long roller-coaster ride of events. In England, he was arrested as an enemy alien and sent to four different internment camps. Upon his release, Kuttner embarked on many different jobs, each allowing him to just squeak by, in...

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