An education strategy to meet the challenges of the next 30 years.

Author:Sulka, Dan

This past winter, NDTA embarked on a transformational journey to address the changing needs, interests and challenges of its individual and corporate members, current government stakeholders and future members. NDTA has its roots as a highly active, chapter-based non-profit educational institution, and our leadership recognizes that we must make significant adjustments to how NDTA performs its mission so it can evolve, grow, and thrive. In an effort to keep our members informed and involved, we want to give you a preview of how your NDTA is working to adapt and change in the area of professional education and development.


Among the profound disruptions of the last 20-30 years, we have experienced:

* Severe economic booms, bubbles and busts and their often revolutionary effects on business and the transportation industry

* Constant acceleration in the development, adaptation and demand for technologies of all kinds

* Emerging and dangerous national security threats, adding complexity to historic challenges to the security of our nation and defending its interests

* Continuous, rapid adjustment of government policy, approaches and organizations to its inherent responsibility to address and mitigate threats to the security of the nation, especially at home

* Unprecedented change to the fundamental ways people live, work, communicate, learn and view relationships to their employers


We at NDTA choose to embrace these changes. Consequently, we are developing an Education and Professional Development Strategy to expand benefits and services to increase our value to you and your organizations. When implemented, this strategy will build upon past successes, while greatly increasing the value of being part of this association. At its heart, the strategy will address the educational and professional development needs of transportation professionals in private industry, and government organizations with a role or interest in the national security of the United States. Transportation is still the key element enabling all elements of our nation's power to ensure its security.


From top to bottom, great professional associations are designed and operated with a fundamental mission that starts with providing membership learning and professional growth in a trusted environment. In the transportation professional's current environment, government and private sector professional education programs and schools...

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