An Augmentation of Historians; The Chronicles of St. Mary's Book Nine.

Author:Murray, John M.
Position:Book review

Jodi Taylor; AN AUGMENTATION OF HISTORIANS; Night Shade Books (Fiction: Fantasy) 12.99 ISBN: 9781597809344

Byline: John M. Murray

In Jodi Taylor's An Argumentation of Historians, the eccentric historians of St. Mary's return for another, more individually focused time-travel adventure.

Dr. Lucy Maxwell -- affectionately called Max -- returns from 1536 after an unusual encounter with the Time Police. While her husband recovers from previous events and her son is basically in witness protection, Max formulates a plan to capture the elusive and villainous Clive Ronan. The plan goes horribly awry, leaving Max stranded in the 1300s with no way home, and the clock ticking down to a potential reality collapse.

An Argumentation of Historians is the ninth book in The Chronicles of St. Mary's series. While aimed at loyal readers, it provides ample context and backstory. The intricate relationships and various trials and tribulations of previous books create a fully realized and dynamic world.

Max leads a squabbling group of historians to investigate major historical events in contemporary time while struggling to keep her personal life from completely falling apart. Her...

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