An Analysis of Various VoD Content Sales in Scandinavia from IFTA.


In Scandinavia, film and TV rights are typically sold on a regional basis through one all-rights deal even though the region is comprised of Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, and Iceland, and each nation has its own culture and language.

In preparation for its American Film Market (see story on page 6), the Los Angeles-based Independent Film & Television Alliance (IFTA) released an analysis of VoD sales opportunities in the region.

For many independent content distributors, the vast majority of revenue is recouped from theatrical releases. If a film is not exhibited theatrically, revenues are limited to pay-TV and SVoD sectors.

SVoD services account for the majority of VoD revenue, with Scandinavia leading the SVoD market in Europe. This is due to locals often utilizing multiple services, along with subscription fees that tend to be higher in the region than other European nations.

The SVoD market share is: Netflix (46 percent), Viaplay (22 percent), HBO Nordic (14 percent), C More (six percent), and all others (12 percent).

TVoD and EST lag behind SVoD in terms of revenue and projected growth. There is a mix of international, local, and regional players within the TVoD and EST sectors. Most payTV platforms offer some kind of PPV/TVoD service. Global players such as iTunes and Google have a local presence.

VoD rights in the region are complicated due to a mix of national, regional, and global VoD services. SVoD rights are often held by a pan-Scandinavian licensor and not split by country, while TVoD and EST rights are usually sold to local, national distributors.

Deals dividing rights by nation for...

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