An American Family Cooks.

Author:Daninhirsch, Hilary
Position:Book review

Judith Choate (author), Michael Choate (contributor); AN AMERICAN FAMILY COOKS; Welcome Books (Nonfiction: Cooking) 45.00 ISBN: 9781599621241

Byline: Hilary Daninhirsch

Charming vignettes, cute recipe titles, and photos of the family cooking add a traditional appeal to this versatile cookbook.

Think back to childhood, and it's quite likely that many fond family memories are intertwined with food. And that is precisely the effect that An American Family Cooks will have on the reader -- transporting them back in time to their own family meals.

The recipes contained within this marvelous cookbook, compiled by the family matriarch, Judith Choate, have been perfected after years of cooking meals with and for her family. Choate knows what she's talking about: she was the owner of MOM, a New York-based bakery and catering company, and she is the author of many other successful cookbooks.

As a secret ingredient acts to enhance a recipe, a short tidbit of family lore accompanies many of the recipes, enhancing their value to the reader. For example, Choate says that the Scotch Griddle Scones is her oldest family recipe, brought by her grandmother from Scotland. Choate also waxes poetic about her charmingly entitled recipe "The Chicken Potpie That Nana Made and We All Still Make" and says that the gougeres (cheese puffs made with Gruyere or any other sharp cheese) are a staple on the Christmas menu. Some recipes are accompanied by longer stories, such as the feast Choate prepared in honor of her son Mickey's fiftieth birthday celebration and the family's Easter and Thanksgiving celebrations.

Many of the recipes have an international flair, with a noticeable emphasis on French cooking, though Choate points out that much of this type...

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