Amy Barickman's Vintage Notions.

Author:Nesvacil, Gaia Neashasha
Position:Book review

Amy Barickman (author); AMY BARICKMAN'S VINTAGE NOTIONS; (Crafts & Hobbies) $29.95 ISBN: 9780982627006

Byline: Gaia Neashasha Nesvacil

Though whimsical and nostalgic, the substance of Vintage Notions is more than just cute. As the subtitle suggests, Amy Barickman's book is a celebration of domestic aesthetics. But it is also quite practical and not without social relevance. A key element that distinguishes this book from other surveys of "vintage" novelties is its structure, which places at its center Mary Brooks Picken, the book's heroine. Picken was a turn-of-the-century educator, seamstress, author, and homemaker who helped build a movement across America by standing for liberation, social empowerment, and independence for women.

Featuring a compilation of early twentieth-century articles, recipes, illustrations, and sewing patterns, each page is informative and uniquely beautiful. As a new guide to the home arts, it's a brimming trove of fun and useful projects such as "How to Remodel Past Season Frocks," or how to make "A Comfortable, Economical Apron." Tips like "The Secrets of a Perfect Pie," and recipes for goodies like Candied Orange Peel, Cream of Spinach Soup, and Iced Chocolate round out the book's offerings. The chapters are conveniently organized month-by-month. For each season there's a pocket for storing inspirational clippings, swatches, and notes. At the back is a quick reference guide for 150 stitch...

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