Amla Mater.

Author:Dabbene, Peter
Position:Brief article - Book review

Devi Menon; AMLA MATER; Yali Books (Comics & Graphic Novels: Comics & Graphic Novels) 11.99 ISBN: 9780989061599

Byline: Peter Dabbene

In Amla Mater, Devi Menon presents the sweet and nostalgic story of Mili, a woman who recalls her past in India from her new home in the United Kingdom.

For Mili, it's an amla, or Indian gooseberry, that triggers her series of recollections of growing up in India, much like Marcel Proust's madeleine in Remembrance of Things Past. She recalls her childhood friend Maya, her first job, former flatmates, and her parents' accident.

But Mili has the present and future on her mind as well. She's living with a man, and is pregnant. One day, Mili notices that a jar of store-bought amla pickles has the same logo she and Maya designed as children. She calls the company and reconnects with Maya, its founder; it's a joyous event. Maya has a son, who has a friend; together, she says, the boys remind her of Mili and herself as...

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