Amicus Briefs.

The International Association of Defense Counsel has an active amicus curiae program, submitting briefs on issues of importance to IADC members and their clients. Through its amicus participation, the IADC has helped shape the law surrounding product liability, arbitration, class actions, attorney client privilege, punitive damages, civil discovery, standing, jurisdiction, and tort reform. This section of the Defense Counsel Journal is dedicated to highlighting recent amicus briefs so that the Journal's readers can benefit from the insights presented therein.

In Epic Systems Corporation v. Jacob Lewis; Ernst & Young LLP and Ernst & Young U.S., LLP v. Stephen Morris and Kelly McDaniel; National Labor Relations Board v. Murphy Oil USA, Inc., et. al., Nos. 16-285; 16-300; 16-307 (cases consolidated for merits briefing and argument), the U.S. Supreme Court is slated to decide whether employment agreements that ban collective resolution of workplace disputes violate federal employment laws. As Bloomberg BNA has reported, the cases constitute "a major showdown between businesses and their workers and the increasing use of arbitration agreements in employment contracts."

The International Association of Defense Counsel filed a brief both in support of certiorari and on the merits in support of petitioners Epic Systems Corp. and...

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