AMERIPEN sets environmental priorities.


* The directors of AMERIPEN, the American Institute for Packaging and the Environment, have announced its three organizational priorities for 2011-2012. The priorities, designed to guide the organization in its efforts to effectively represent the interests of the packaging industry, include increasing the understanding and communicate the value of packaging; increasing the recovery of used packaging; and analyzing varied approaches and alternatives to extended producer responsibility for packaging.

Modeled after EURO FEN and INCPEN, the European and British counterparts, AMERIPEN was founded by several US corporations this year to advocate packaging policy developments in North America, focusing on measures that are environmentally and economically sound, as well as socially responsible.

The Institute developed its 2011-2012 priorities during a roundtable discussion at AMERIPEN's first annual Members meeting in Chicago on June 22, 2011. Prior to the meeting, 14 potential priority activities -- as identified by AMERIPEN's 22 members -- were pared down to 5 critical priorities. These five were discussed thoroughly and refined to three definitive...

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