Amerijet International, Inc.

PositionINDUSTRY MEMBERS--Chairman's Circle.

Amerijet International, Inc.

4500 NW36th Street, Miami, FL 33166-6121 * 954-320-5300

Vicken Karjian, President and CEO * 954-320-5300 *

Andrew Maas, Sr. Dir. of Gov't Programs * 954-552-8443 *

With more than 40 years of experience in the cargo industry, Amerijet serves 50 destinations throughout its primary service region in the Caribbean, Mexico, Central and South America providing these markets with approximately 500 million ATKs of dedicated B767-300/200 freighter capacity annually.

Amerijet's global network reaches 476 destinations in Europe, Asia, Pacific, South Africa and the Middle East with seamless and transparent transportation solutions for customers shipping time-sensitive, valuable, hazmat, temperature controlled and other commodity types.

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