Americans = least green consumers: May 19, 2008.

Author:Scheer, Roddy
Position:THIS WEEK - Brief article

In the first national ranking of environmental friendliness among consumers, Brazilians and Indians scored highest for their minimal resource use and low carbon footprints. The rankings were associated with everyday activities such as going to work, purchasing food and other goods and heating and cooling their homes. Americans scored the worst among consumers across the 14 developed countries surveyed, according to the National Geographic Society, which runs the new "Greendex" rankings.


In formulating the rankings, National Geographic hired the polling firm GlobeScan to survey 14,000 consumers in 14 countries about their energy use and conservation, transportation choices, food sources, the relative use of green products versus traditional products, attitudes towards the environment and sustainability, and knowledge of environmental issues. According to National Geographic's Terry Garcia, the goal of Greendex is not to rank countries, but to assess consumer behavior in different parts of the...

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