American Weather.

Author:Taylor, Joe
Position:Book review

Charles McLeod (author); AMERICAN WEATHER; Outpost19 (Fiction: Literary) 16.00 ISBN: 9781937402396

Byline: Joe Taylor

It isn't often that a reader meets a narrator as duplicitous, as arrogant, as utterly sociopathic as is Jim Haskin, multi-multi-millionaire and president of the San Francisco ad firm, American Weather. AmWe's twenty-five impressively diverse, expressly "green" employees promote the organic, the solar, and the upcycled ("We sell shoes made of hemp and car tires"); but it is in the Red Room, Haskin's office, where the real money is made. And now in the wake of the subprime mortgage fiasco of 2008, Haskin is brewing an outrageous pay-per-view spectacle that will draw in Big Corporate sponsors -- JP Morgan Chase, Marathon Oil, Boeing, Home Depot, Walgreen, and many more -- as well as tweak the American libido "that covets and covets," to dig deep into its collective pockets. If anyone should get in the way, Haskin sometimes employs an identity theft ring that knows how to destroy careers, families, and futures. No, Haskin is not drawn to engender pathos in readers, not even after they hear him speak of the car crash that took his parents' lives, or of his years at Mr. Hand's Home for Well-Behaved Boys.

Unlike most of Charles McLeod's characters in American Weather, Haskin is perhaps larger-than-life, but he is utterly recognizable. In his voice, many will appreciate the sophistication of McLeod's prose and the slash-and-burn...

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