American Tactical Imports.

Author:Smith, Roxanne
Position:2011 New Products

American Tactical Imports


The FX45 Series includes five .45 ACP 1911 pistols from Shooters Arms Manufacturing in the Philippines. The FX Military weighs 2.31 lbs. and has a 5" barrel, all steel parts, solid mahogany grips and 8+1 magazine capacity. The FX GI has the same features, weighs 2 lbs. and has a 4.25" barrel. The FX Thunderbolt weighs 2.4 lbs. and has a 5" barrel, with chrome steel parts, Picatinny rail, 8+1 magazine capacity, mahogany textured grips and white dot LPA Bomar sights, The Titan Blue and the Titan Stainless each weigh 1.76 lbs. and have 3.13" barrels, two-stage recoil spring systems, 7+1 magazine capacity and mahogany grips.

The latest member of the German Sporting Guns family, the GSG-1911 in .22 LR, features 10-round capacity, 5"...

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