American Studies Association and the academic boycott of Israel.

Author:Vogt, Leonard
Position:News for Educational Workers - Brief article

The American Studies Association (ASA) has endorsed an academic boycott of Israel, saying Israeli academic institutions are "complicit in oppression that denies Palestinians rights." ASA is the largest group of U. S. academics to join the global campaign to boycott and divest from Israel over its treatment of Palestinians. While reaction against ASA's boycott against Israel has been strong (The New York Times, "Backlash Against Israel Boycott Throws Academic Association of Defensive" January 7, 2014), support for the boycott has also surfaced ("The New McCarthyites: BDS, Its Critics, and Academic Freedom" ( January 9, 2014).

International press coverage of the Modern Language Association (MLA) meetings (Jan. 9-12)--where a...

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