American Politics on the Rocks.

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American Politics on the Rocks

Rich Rubino

Independently Published

9780692156001, $25.00, PB, 312pp,

Synopsis: These days the presidency of Donald J. Trump operates like a kind of reality tv show complete with good guys, bad guys, and a whole lot of drama on a daily basis. One of the unintended consequences seems to be the engaging of attention by whole sectors of ordinary citizens that never paid government that much attention to politicians and politics between elections.

Enter "American Politics on the Rocks: The Bizarre Side of American Politics" by Rich Rubino who takes his readers on a roller coaster of a ride tour through the bizarre back streets of American politics.

"American Politics on the Rocks" is a compendium of politically humorous and obscure political information that will enable even the most political novice to make a political conversation fun, intelligent.

Major topics covered in "American Politics on the Rocks" includes: unusual presidential...

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