American Politics on the Rocks.

Position:Book review

American Politics on the Rocks

Rich Rubino

Privately Published

9780692156001 $25.00

Synopsis: Grab your hat and fasten your safety belt. You are about to embark on a ride which will take you on a whirlwind tour through the bizarre back streets of American politics.

If you think politicians are just suit-wearing stiffs, think again. This book of politically humorous and obscure political information will enable you to dazzle your friends at cocktail parties, at the office water cooler, or at the coffee shop. Politics does not have to be a blood sport where people remain entrenched in their views and fight it out like they are on The Jerry Springer Show. As outrageous as it may sound, this book will provide you with ammunition to make a political conversation fun, and allow you to sound smart at the same time.

Major topics in this book include the following: unusual presidential facts, feisty first ladies, family feuds, debate debacles, White House rats, diabolical dirty tricks, embarrassing hot microphone moments, inflammatory insults, White House ghosts, and humiliating bloopers. When political conversations get ugly, my advice is to insert some peculiar political minutia and then divert--divert--divert. Instead of focusing on the divisive side of politics, why not lighten up the conversation by mentioning the battle with rats (the furry ones, not the corrupt ones) at the...

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