American Neolithic.

Author:Travis, Clint
Position:Book review

American Neolithic

Terence Hawkins

The Calliope Group

9781733647427, $17.00, PB, 176pp,

Synopsis: It's the near future and America has become a Police State Lite. The Patriot Amendments have swallowed the Bill of Rights. Creationism trumps science. The Patriot Tribunal overrules the Supreme Court. And the drones of the Homeland Police are always watching.

Enter Blingbling. Brought to official attention by a hip-hop murder, he's foreign-looking, undocumented, and apparently homeless. His hard-boiled lawyer, Raleigh, keeps the Homeland cops at arm's length until a routine DNA test exposes a secret thousands of years old--one that threatens to destroy his client, his career, and much more.

Critique: A story made all the more plausible by such contemporary real world political movements like the rise of an American style political cult of personality and...

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