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The present study reveals the bibliometric study of the "American journal of biochemistry and biotechnology" the study covers the growth of literature and authorship pattern of the journal. Further, it analyzed various other bibliometrics aspects such as subject wise distribution of article, intuition wise distribution article, country wise distribution of article, bibliographical wise distribution of citation and self citation.


    Bibliometrics is a type of research technique used in library and information science. Bibliometric is the analysis of the structure of literature, applying difference methods and tools. The study of the structure of literature is general to all subject. Structural study of literature is vital for information retrieval. Bibliometrics distribution helps to measure the scattering of articles over different journals, the frequency of occurrence of words in text and the efficiency of authors in items of the scientific papers produced by him. These aspects of bibliometrics studies have been codified and known as bradford's law of dealing with the scattering of articles over different journals. Ranking of journals is an important factor in bibliometric analysis. It highlights the significance and wider utility of some journals in a discipline as also the retreating importance of some is helps researches identify potential journals in their discipline.

    Key words: Bibliometric, Information, Journal, American journal of biochemistry and biotechnology,


    "American Journal of Biochemistry and Biotechnology" has been selected as the source journal. It is quarterly biochemistry and biotechnology journal published by science publication, New York. It contains research papers in English dealings with all aspects of fundamental and applied research in biochemistry and biotechnology So for the journal has published 13 volumes, but to determine the publication pattern, the number of contribution published during the last ten years 2008-2017 (i.e., from Vol. 4 to 13) has been taken for this study.


    The objectives of the present study are listed below:

    * To find out the chronological wise distribution of articles/publications.

    * To observe the authorship pattern.

    * To determined the subject-wise distribution of articles in biochemistry and biotechnology research publications.

    * To know Institute wise distribution of articles.

    * To observe the Geographical wise distribution of publication.

    * To study the bibliographical and year wise distribution of citation.

    * To calculate the average length of articles.

    * To estimate the pattern of self--citation.


    * Multi author papers are higher in number compared to single author papers.

    * There is a considerable level of variation in different branches publications or articles.


    For this study the volume 4-13 (2008-2017) was taken into consideration. Data were collected with adequate detail such as title of article, name of the contributors, and their address and affiliations details for each article. At the same time, the reference appended by the respective authors at the end of each article were also counted and tabulated. Finally, all the collected data were analysed for making observations.

    Table 6.1 gives the chronological wise distribution of articles in source journal. The number various form years to year. Out of 345 articles, the maximum number or articles published the year 2008. which is 15.94 percent to the total publication. The minimum number of articles (23) are in the year of 2011.

    It is evident from the table that there are variation found among the study period and there is no any increasing and decreasing trend from year to year.

    2008 15.94 2009 9.27 2010 10.14 2011 6.67 2012 9.23 2013 13.04 2014 8.69 2015 8.69 2016 9.57 2017 8.69 Table 6.2 indicates the authorship pattern in the journal "American Journal of Biochemistry and Biotechnology". It could be observed that more than three authors collaborated papers occupied the first position (58.84%) in respect to total number or articles published during the period of analysis. Three authors collaborated papers come next in order (19.42%) or sharing the total output during the period of examination. Two authors contributed papers occupy the third position (11.01) with regard total output noted during the study. Single author collaborated papers occupy the fourth position (10.72%) with respect to total number of papers recorded in the study period.

    Table 6.3 indicates the ranking of the authorship pattern. More than three author collaborative paper occupies the first rank. Three author papers comes next in order of sharing the total output during the period of examination. Two authors paper come under the third position and single author paper comes under fourth rank in this study. it indicate that majority of the authors prefer to publish their paper jointly with others.

    Single author 10.73 Two author 11.03 Three author 19.43 More than three author 58.9 Table 6.4 shows that the distribution of single and multi authored articles published in the field of biochemistry and biotechnology. It is found that 10.72 percent of the article are published by single author and 89.78 percent of the articles are by multi authors. It is evident from the table that single author contributions are very less in number compared to multi authored papers. it could be learnt from the above discussion that the percentage of single authored paper is less than that of multi authored papers. in order to determine the collaboration in quantitative term, the formula suggested by K. Subramanyan was tested

    C = NM/NM + NS

    NM--No. of multi authored papers

    NS--no. of single authored papers

    C-Degree of collaboration

    6.5 Degree of collaboration in biochemistry and biotechnology research out put it is inferred from that table 4.5 that the aggregate level of the degree of collaboration is 0.89 percent. The period wise analysis indicate that the level is more or less equal in both first period 2008-2012 and second period 2008-2017. This brings out clearly the level of collaborative research in biochemistry and biotechnology output is maintained as 0.85

    Table 6.6 reveals that Subject wise distribution of article in "American journal of biochemistry and biotechnology". It is observed from the table that out of 345 articles published during the study period, majority 12.17% of the paper published in Genetics and it is followed by 9.27% of the paper published in Plant biochemistry It is also shows that 8.69% and 7.82% of the...

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