American Goth.

AuthorArnold, Courtney
PositionBook review

Work Title: American Goth

Work Author(s): J.D. Glass

Bold Strokes Books

312 pages, Softcover $15.95


ISBN: 9781602820029

Reviewer: Courtney Arnold

"I didn't know, couldn't really say, what had led me to go from cutting myself to digging deeper, only that it had...become an imperative that I obeyed." Samantha Cray hadn't really wanted to die, but after the phone call from across the Atlantic, only blood could stanch her pain. First, she had lost her mother; then, when she was fifteen, her father was killed---supposedly in the line of duty as a New York City firefighter. Now, eighteen years old and an ocean away from home, Samantha is reeling from the death of Nina, the troubled and passionate friend she left behind. Yet in the midst of suicide, Sam finds herself transported to the strangely familiar astral plane. Joined there in non-corporeal form by Cort, her "uncle," she begins her training on the path she was born to: Sam is a Wielder, bound by blood to the Circle of Light Bearers. She must freely choose her fate though, and the Dark is all around, threatening and seducing her to join the other side. Sam throws herself into alchemical and martial arts training, and her bass guitar. The past is too painful to reconcile with her new reality; but when she hooks up...

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